How to Write Newsworthy Articles


News is a report about an event that has recently occurred or something that is currently happening. People are generally interested in the latest news because it allows them to keep up with what is going on around them and what others are thinking or saying about a particular issue. The news also helps them know what to expect in the future so they can prepare themselves for possible unforeseen events.

Whether the news is positive or negative in tone, it must be based on facts. News should also be reported objectively and without bias. The news should be well researched and include a variety of sources. The sources must be able to provide information about the subject matter and have expertise in the field. The articles should be clear, concise and direct. They should also provide the reader with background information about the topic and what has been known to already happen regarding it.

The most common factors that make something newsworthy are a human angle, celebrity and currency. People are often very interested in celebrities and their lives, so any scandal or drama surrounding them is usually big news. Controversy, conflict and emotion are also big newsworthy items. People are often empathetic towards others and they like to read stories that can make them empathise with the characters in a story. A sense of urgency and a timeliness of the news are also important.

Other factors that make a story newsworthy are exclusiveness, the impact on society, surprise and shareability. Exclusivity refers to a news item being unique and interesting, or being the first source of the information. Impact on society means that a story is significant, and can influence or change people’s opinions, behaviour or beliefs. Surprise and contrast are other newsworthy elements, as are stories that can be illustrated with photographs or video. Shareability is an important factor because it encourages social media sharing and discussion of a story.

When writing a news article it is important to know the target audience. Questions such as what age group is the target audience, whether they are local or national and why are they reading the news should be asked. This will help you shape the content of your article and decide which facts to highlight.

The best way to start a news article is with a headline that captures the reader’s attention. A headline is a short paragraph written to provide a preview of the article. It usually includes the main points of a story, followed by a summary and a byline (the writer’s name). The title is followed by a lead paragraph that provides more detail about the news item. The lead may include the inverted pyramid format or a numbered list. The rest of the article is then arranged in chronological order. This gives readers the opportunity to follow a linear progression of facts and develop their understanding of the subject matter.

By adminssk
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